Speaker Devin Walker Addresses Failure


I’ve been thinking, and wanted a chance to readdress something to all of you. Seth asked a question and I don’t feel my answer was good enough for you all! I don’t, in any way, want to communicate that it was a trivial question. Seth asked me about “dealing with failure. . . ” This question always “stumps” me…NOT because I’ve never “failed”, but, I fear that this is how my answer came across.

Well, I confided with my closest confidants…because I don’t want to come across as arrogant or misleading when I say that I don’t have a good answer. So here’s the best answer I can think of: #1 I sincerely feel that the word “Failure” is a NONSENSE word, it may as well belong in a Dr. Suess book. You see I don’t see “failure” the way that others might. It’s a matter of perspective, to me, you can NEVER actually fail as long as you are working on something, pursuing something, or care about something…the only time that you can “fail” is when you QUIT. All aspects of work/investment that you put into something are all part of the process, different results at different times… #2 Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurs aren’t REALLY risk takers. They make several successive small bets by rolling out scaled-down models, AND THEN they push