Pitches are done, teams are picked!

After 25 pizzas, 17 pitches, and an intense session of cat-sticker based voting, we we have seven teams!
MeowMeow – Electronic cat wearables, because why not?
Team Adventure – Will plan amazing “Goonies” style treasure hunts for your birthday, corporate events, bachelorette parties, etc. ‘Sloth’ look-a-like extra.
Secure Password –  An app that will generate a secure password using easy questions. nO Mor3 Cr@zY P@$$words@!!!
Dine DuJour – Simple minimal decisionless food delivery service. “It’s the Food of the Day”.. “Mmmm.. I’ll have that.”
Secret Ingredients – Packages and delivers your favorite family recipes, including those special ‘secret ingredients’ (Paprika? It’s just paprika, Nana.)
KSStorm Info – Advanced storm-chaser driven weather alert system. Because Doppler has nothing on a seasoned pro flying down the highway in a hail-dented pickup.
Awesome TableTop Game –  It’s in the name. You JUST read what they are making