Who is this weekend for?


As a Chamber staffer, I was well aware that Startup Weekend Wichita would be more than an event, it would be an opportunity to experience the nuts and bolts of creating a startup over the course of 54 hours. Unfortunately, I thought it was more for developers and designers even though “non-technical” people were also invited to participate.

My assumption was completely invalidated, however, when I heard the Stamp Yo Face story during the Friday night kick-off. Hanna Scott was the artistic element behind the company and Kevin Wildt provided the technical assistance. Together, they created a successful business that includes international customers. I was inspired by the team concept – that one person doesn’t have to have all the answers, that you can have that “non-technical” idea and by partnering with developers and designers you can more effectively bring that idea to market.

And perhaps some of the participating designers and developers also encountered a parallel epiphany this weekend – that by partnering with us “non-technical” folks (the artists, the wordsmiths, the inventors, hipsters, and hustlers) they were able to better understand consumer needs, potential solutions, and effective marketing strategies.

Next time around, I want to shout from the rooftop, “Come one! Come all! This experience is for you!”

Not a designer? No problem!

Not a developer? Nobody cares!

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea? Perfect! You will get paired with a team that compliments your strengths and together, you can turn your entrepreneurial desires into a valuable learning experience! Can you help a team solve a problem? Then this event is for you.

Renee Anderson
Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce
Community Development Manager