More than just technical


If you’re like me, when you hear the word “startup” today, you think of apps, websites, and other tech-related companies that need technical experts to create them. By observing the Startup Weekend Wichita last weekend, I was reminded that you need a lot more than just technical expertise to start a real company. You need the accounting and finance experts who can crunch numbers and tell you if your business model is financially viable. You need marketing and market research experts who can challenge your ideas, go into the community to do market research, and create a compelling presentation. You need designers who can create an identity, logo, and other materials. Most of the time, you can’t find all of this in one person!

When I first heard about Startup Weekend, I didn’t think it was for someone like me – someone who can hit “accept HTML” but certainly not write HTML or anything more complicated than that. After seeing the teams work together last weekend, I wish I had gotten involved sooner. Anyone who can ask questions to work through a difficult problem, set priorities for a team, design a logo, craft a presentation, or do market research will be helpful to a team at this event. All you really need is energy and confidence in what you do bring to the table.

Suzy Finn
Executive Director
Young Professionals of Wichita